Visit the City of Moron from Cayo Coco

Municipal museum Moron Cuba

See some of the real Authentic Cuba and visit Moron while staying in Cayo Coco. The city is just 62 KM from Cayo Coco and numerous tours are offered at the reception and excursions desks of your hotel. The prices for the tour range from 25 CUC to 45 CUC, the latter being 4 people sharing in a 1950s historic American Car and the prior being a collective bus tour from Cayo Coco. The tours include visiting the municipal museum (above) and the sugar cane museum (below), plus a look around the colonial buildings and central railway station.  The first settlement was founded +470 years ago, in May 1543, by families from Sancti Spiritus and seamen who sailed along the province’s northern coast in search of land and fortune. The Moron is thought to be derived from an aboriginal term for “mound”. The town of Moron itself dates back to the year 1750 when it was nothing more than a few buildings but was no longer considered a settlement.

Railway Museum Moron Cuba

The town of Moron began to grow exponentially in 1915 when the Trocha rail line was bought by Colonel Jose M. Tarafa as he began to assemble the Ferrocarriles del Norte railway line. Moron was chosen as the line’s headquarters. The railway’s maintenance shops and a large central station still stand today, along with steam trains, all as a reminder of the booming sugar trade which was the economic base for this city. In the 1960s a road was built through the marshland to the coast, and in the 1990s this was extended on a man-made causeway to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Many of the hotel workers you meet while in Cayo Coco live in the city of Moron also. The City museum of Moron is a particularly interesting place with plenty of things to see.

Sugar Cane Museum Moron

You’ll also be able to visit the at Sugar Cane Mill Museum in Moron which not only displays a massive amount of utensils and artifacts from the Sugar trade but also offers a real life re-enactment of the grinding process. The city of Moron also holds two accolades for Cuba. Moron was the city of the publication of the first newspaper, “El Faro de Moron” from the editorial offices of Francisco Fernández in 1855. Moron was also the first city to have horse-drawn carriages running on the city’s streets in that same year.