Visit Cayo Guillermo from Cayo Coco

cayo guillermo cuba

Many of the hotels in Cayo Coco offer day passes to visit hotels in Cayo Guillermo. These passes can range from being entirely free, where you simply use the all-inclusive services at the chains other hotels in Cayo Guillermo, to having a cost between 25-40 CUC. One recent example is Sol Melia offering its guests free use of their hotels in either resort. The best way to find out is to email the hotel before booking and, if you say that you have not yet booked, it could be that they offer you an email reply in which they approve this free option. One of the main reasons visitors to Cayo Coco wish to visit Cayo Guillermo is the Playa Pilar 5km beach, named after Ernest Hemingway‘s yacht, the cabin cruiser Pilar. The island provides the setting for the climax of Hemingway’s last novel, Islands in the Stream.

Playa Pilar Cayo Guillermo

In reality, not much different to the beaches in Cayo Coco, this beach does have a longer extension with a vaster visual appearance due to its length. Getting to Cayo Guillermo from Cayo Coco will set you back around 25 CUC in a private taxi which of course, would then be divided between the occupants. Or alternatively there is a 5 CUC per person shuttle bus service which is every half an hour.