Horseback Riding Tour Cayo Coco

horseback riding Cayo Coco

The Horseback riding tour in Cayo Coco is ideal for both novices and seasoned riders. There’s no galloping to speak of and the whole trip is taken at a trotting pace. At the beginning of the trip you sort of wonder what’s going on, you’re on this nondescript gravel dirt track behind the resorts, with little to see but mangroves either side. Then after about 20 minutes a beautiful private beach appears in the distance, this being your final destination. Once at the beach you stop at a thatched open-roofed restaurant when you are serenaded by two local singers-guitarists while eating a freshly cooked meal of either lobster tails or grilled chicken. The food is really good and the drinks are free. The Cuban lobster tail we got would have been a 90$ meal back home and, we were told that the lobsters are caught by hand, right there on the spot, a few hours before you arrive.

Cayo Coco horseback riding

The excursion team is very friendly and make for great hosts as your time here flies by in this idyllic wonderful setting. Probably the best part of this Cayo Coco Horseback riding tour is the leisurely trot back with the amazing sunset as a backdrop, riding home this time on a different route back, along the virgin beaches in front on the resorts. It will be an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and some photos you will truly treasure in the future. Please don’t miss this if possible.

Price: Basic 3 hours Tour without a meal 10 CUC (kids 5 CUC) – Full Tour 5 hours with meal 23 CUC (Kids 11 CUC)