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Horseback Riding Tour Cayo Coco

The Horseback riding tour in Cayo Coco is ideal for both novices and seasoned riders. There’s no galloping to speak of and the whole trip is taken at a trotting pace. At the beginning of the trip you sort of wonder what’s going on, you’re on this nondescript gravel dirt track behind the resorts, with […]

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Catamaran Seafari Excursion Cayo Coco

The Cayo Coco Catamaran Excursion is a blast! The tour takes you out to two pristine beaches near the lighthouse, snorkeling is fantastic at any location, but here you really get to dive in just above the reefs instead of swimming out to them.  The water is extremely shallow which means that wandering back to […]

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Visit Cayo Guillermo from Cayo Coco

Many of the hotels in Cayo Coco offer day passes to visit hotels in Cayo Guillermo. These passes can range from being entirely free, where you simply use the all-inclusive services at the chains other hotels in Cayo Guillermo, to having a cost between 25-40 CUC. One recent example is Sol Melia offering its guests […]

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El Baga National Park Cayo Coco

El Baga National Park is located on Cayo Coco and is one of Cuba’s 7 national parks. Named after the El Baga tree, known for its medicinal properties, the park measures 769-hectare (7.69 km2 square kilometers). El Baga offers some interesting wildlife, including; turtles, 130 species of birds, iguanas, flamingos, alligators and crocodiles. Visitors are […]

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Acuavida Spa Thalasso Cayo Coco Cuba

Acuavida Spa Talaso is a world-class spa offering pools, skin treatments, fitness treatments, massage, Turkish baths and saunas. The Spa is located along the ocean front within walking distance of all hotels on Cayo Coco Island. The Acuavida spa comprehensive programs are focused on wellness, relaxation, stress release and beauty enhancements, using a combination of […]

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Glass Bottom Boat Tour Cayo Coco Cuba

Not a fan of diving but want to see the colorful fire corals and many types of tropical fish on the world’s second largest barrier reef of Cayo Coco? The solution is the Glass Bottom Boat Tour of Cayo Coco! You´ll be picked up from your hotel on an open topped double-decker bus and whisked […]

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Cabaret La Cueva del Jabali Cayo Coco Jardines del Rey

Probably the only Cave based Disco and Cabaret on the planet, La Cueva Del Jabali Cayo Coco is definitely a “must see” attraction which is just a short 15 minute bus ride from both the Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo tourism resorts. At just 25 CUC per person, the excursion includes the bus ride to […]

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Visit the City of Moron from Cayo Coco

See some of the real Authentic Cuba and visit Moron while staying in Cayo Coco. The city is just 62 KM from Cayo Coco and numerous tours are offered at the reception and excursions desks of your hotel. The prices for the tour range from 25 CUC to 45 CUC, the latter being 4 people […]

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Blue Diving Cayo Coco Scuba Diving Center Cuba

Located on the beach in front of the Melia Cayo Coco, the Blue Diving Center in Cayo Coco can be reached on the free call number 301020 from any reception or excursion desk in Cayo Coco. To call from home the numbers are (+53 33) 30-8179 or 30-8180. However, if you’re in Cayo Coco its  short walk from […]

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