Catamaran Seafari Excursion Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco Catamaran Excursion

The Cayo Coco Catamaran Excursion is a blast! The tour takes you out to two pristine beaches near the lighthouse, snorkeling is fantastic at any location, but here you really get to dive in just above the reefs instead of swimming out to them.  The water is extremely shallow which means that wandering back to shore and the beaches is a synch, as you walk by starfish and colorful on your way to the secluded virgin beaches. There are three distinct Cayo Coco Catamaran offers available:

Catamaran Excursion Cayo Coco

Half Day Catamaran Seafari – 49 CUC

As the title says, this is a morning Catamaran excursion which ends at around midday, so you’ll be out at sea for about 2.5 – 3 hours. It does not include lunch but, onboard drinks are free. This half day Cayo Coco Catamaran version is better for those who simply wish to snorkel for an hour or two then return to shore.

Full Day Catamaran Seafari – 75 CUC

This Cayo Coco Catamaran cruise includes a succulent lobster dinner, plenty of snorkeling and about 2 hours to either spend at the virgin beaches or more time snorkeling. As with the half day tour, the drinks are included. It’s highly advisable to bring plenty of sunscreen as there is no below deck areas on these Catamaran vessels and 6 hours on the open sea means lots of sun.

Moonlight “Booze Cruise” – 79 CUC

With more of a focus on drinking and partying, it’s a truly unique experience see the stars in the night sky and the lights along the coastline. The Moonlight cruise includes dinner, music & dancing and lashings of alcohol all included in the price! These vessels are extremely stable so dancing on deck is pretty easy and lots of fun. Of course, there’s the impromptu ducking of friends and jumping overboard.


Tips: Take a ziplock bag for your camera as you’ll be wading from the boat to the beach. Plenty of sunscreen. Butter & Garlic butter for the lobster (there’s non onboard the Cayo Coco Catamaran boats)