Acuavida Spa Thalasso Cayo Coco Cuba

Acuavida Cayo Coco

Acuavida Spa Talaso is a world-class spa offering pools, skin treatments, fitness treatments, massage, Turkish baths and saunas. The Spa is located along the ocean front within walking distance of all hotels on Cayo Coco Island.

The Acuavida spa comprehensive programs are focused on wellness, relaxation, stress release and beauty enhancements, using a combination of high quality products together with natural elements derived from the local marine ecosystem of the Caribbean Sea near Cayo Coco. Pamper your body with massages, scrubs and wrappings in a charming natural environment. Alternative treatments include hydrotherapy, reflexology, infusion and anti-stress sessions. Wellness programs are mixed with the natural healing programs and Thalasso therapy using seawater and freshwater in multiple swimming pools.

Spa Acuavida Cayo Coco

acuavida cayo coco
Acuavida Prices 2014 USD
  • Get Rid of Stress Package – Relaxing 30 min. massage, anti-stress, reflexology, hydromassage, mud therapy, relaxing pool with heated seawater, gym, infusion therapy. $49.00
  • Beauty Special – Vacuum spray, facial peeling, facial treatment, facial massage, seaweed mask, reflexology, hydromassage, relaxing pool with heated seawater, gym, infusion therapy. $49.00
  • Cleopatra Bath – Relaxing 30 min. massage, foot reflexology, Cleopatra bath, relaxing pool with seawater, steam bath, relaxing room with infusion therapy. $49.00
  • A Day at the Spa – Relaxing 30 min. massage, fitness pool with heated seawater, jets pool, mud wrap, gym, infusion therapy. $49.00
A la Carte Spa & Relaxation Services
  • Relaxing Massage 30 Minutes $22.00
  • Tonic Massage 30 Minutes $25.00
  • Full Relaxing Massage 60 minutes $42.00
  • Partial Relaxing Chocolate Massage 30 minutes $35.00
  • Full Relaxing Chocolate Massage 60 Minutes $44.00
  • Specific Back Massage 30 Minutes $28.00
  • Foot Reflexology 45 Minutes $22.00
  • Lymphatic Drain 60 Minutes $38.00
  • Anti-stress Massage with Essential Oils 60 Minutes $44.00
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage 30 Minutes $30.00
  • Therapeutic massage 60 Minutes $44.00
  • Sports Massage 60 Minutes $44.00

Acuavida Cayo Coco Chocolate Massage